Here’s a few of our recent projects.

Buffalo Coal Revoked Permit
Reclamation Project. Backfilled and reclaimed 500 acre coal permit forfeited by owner. 850,000 CY of pit backfill, 25 acres of ponds built, over 25,000 LF of grouted riprap ditch, and 500 ac of regrade with seed and mulch.

Coon’s Run Equestrian Center
Excavation of 320,000 CY to remove 22,000 ton of Pittsburgh Coal and regrade 4 Acres to build equestrian center.

Buckhannon Readiness Center
35 acre site development for National Guard Armory Facility. Included site 100,000 cy of excavation and all under ground utilitites to facilitate new building.

Logan Readiness Center
25 acre site development for National Guard Armory Facility. Included site demo, 50,000 cy of excavation and all under ground utilitites, and hard stand paving to facilitate new building Complex

District 7 Head Quarters Site Development
Development of 25 acre site including roadway construction, water, sewer, storm, Gas line, and duct bank installation.

Seminole Roadway
Roadway Realignment for WV DOH consisting excavation, grading, and paving
Knobley Road Sanitary Sewer Extension 80,000 Lf of gravity sewer and forcemain, 250 manholes, 1500 LF of Road Bores, with 269
Service Connection, Grading and Paving

Quick Curve Relocation
Grading, Drainage, Box Culvert, Paving

Cheyenne Sales WV DEP
60 acre site reclamation including 500,000 cy of excavation, 10,000 lf of riprap ditch Sediment basins, and seed and mulch.

ED Gower Highwall Reclamation
25 acre site reclamation including 100,000 cy of highwall backfill, mine seals, access road, seed and mulch

Muddy Creek Restoration
10,000 lf of 12’’ gravity sewer, excavation, pond removal, mine seal, and road bores

Cumberland Airport Phase 1
250 ac site development with 465,000 cy of excavation, grading, drainage, and paving

Cumberland Airport Phase 3
250 ac site development with 85,000 cy of excavation, 30,000 cy of onsite crushed aggregate for a reinforced slope with basket and geogrid

Spring-stone Bridge
Bridge demo and replace with dual 8x 10 concrete box culverts, cast in place concrete, grading
and paving.


Our combined experience and construction familiarity provides added benefit throughout the proposal, preconstruction, design development, and construction stages of projects.


Mountaineer Infrastructure’s robust safety program provides safety and incident prevention for all areas of a construction site.


We actively manage the budget development process, provide timely input and method alternatives, and monitor the availability of materials and compatibility of costs. 


We’re attentive in our completions. We take pride in doing our very best with each project. Our attention to detail shows in everything we do.